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LG Fantasy Spotted On The Web

Just when a handful of tech pundits from all across the world were predicting that LG was shying away from the increasingly intensifying Windows Phone race, the South Korea based electronic giant has surprised many by (unintentionally) unveiling its brand new Windows Phone Mango 7.5 powered smartphone.

Dubbed LG Fantasy, the device has made its debut appearance on the XDA Developers Forum. Apparently one forum member posted pictures of what he termed as the next big thing coming from LG in the Windows Phone market.

According to the forum member, he purchased the device from a Romanian tester, and that it boasts of a 4 inch IPS display. He refrained from revealing the full specifications though. The device is likely to hit store shelves some time during the first quarter of the coming year itself.

But then, it could also be one of those prototype devices that never make it to the production phase for some reason or the other. However, keeping in mind how the LG Fantasy made its way into the tech headlines on previous occasions as well, there is a pretty good probability that the device might be hitting the store shelves in the months to come.