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More Media Coverage for Twitter than for Facebook in 2011

Twitter has proven to be more popular than Facebook in terms of media coverage during 2011.

The micro-blogging platform, which has more than 100 million monthly active users, was featured in 50 percent of media reports related to social networking platforms while Facebook was featured in 45 percent of them, Highbeam Research reports.

According to the report, Twitter proved to be more popular with the media than Facebook in every single month in 2011 except February and April.

Facebook has a massive user base as compared to Twitter's or any other social network for that matter, having more than 800 million users around the planet. However, Twitter has become the go-to tool for media houses, celebrities and other organisations to interact with their supporters in real-time.

On the whole, the two most popular social networking platforms dominated social network coverage by the media, with other social networks comprising of the remaining 5 percent. The research did not take Google's newly launched Google + social network into account.

Social network for professionals, LinkedIn, accounted fork 3.33 percent of media coverage while MySpace accounted for 1.3 percent. Foursquare was the only location based service that made it on the list with a 0.79 percent share.