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Noon News: Nokia Lumia 900 in CES 2012, LG Fantasy Windows Phone, Russia Building 10 Petaflops Supercomputer

Finnish mobile giant Nokia is likely to dish out the much awaited Nokia Lumia 900 early next year in the month of January, according to a new but, unconfirmed report. It's not been long since the company launched its Windows Phone OS powered Lumia 800, soon after which a software glitch was discovered in the device.

Just when a handful of tech pundits from all across the world were predicting that LG was shying away from the increasingly intensifying Windows Phone race, the South Korea based electronic giant has surprised many by (unintentionally) unveiling its brand new Windows Phone Mango 7.5 powered smartphone.

A Russian company is in the middle of building a 10 petaflop supercomputer for the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. According to an article on Computer World, T-Platforms, which has built several large systems for the country, is working on a 10 petaflop behemoth.

Kaspersky Lab has stated that social networking sites including the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr are increasingly being targeted by spammers. The situation is getting even worse for Habbo users, as its users are emerging as the hot favourite target of phishers.

Seiko Epson has announced that it has settled the lawsuits that were filed against it in the US and UK by Nokia. The Finnish mobile phone maker had filed lawsuits against Epson and its subsidiaries in the UK and the US, claiming that the company had violated antitrust and competition laws by conspiring to fix the prices of liquid crystal displays (LCDs).