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Spammers, Phishers Increasingly Targeting Users of Social Networking Sites

Russia based security software provider Kaspersky Lab has stated that social networking sites including the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr are increasingly being targeted by spammers.

The situation is getting even worse for Habbo users, as its users are emerging as the hot favourite target of phishers.

Last month saw an overwhelming proportion of Flickr users receiving what appeared to be an authenticated email from Flickr. The email however, contained a link which was redirecting users to a pharmaceutical site.

Some emails, allegedly coming from internet stores, asked users to check on their bill or click on a link for order reference. If clicked, a malicious payload would be dropped on users' systems.

Twitter users were also victim to a similar trick. They received emails that seemed like an invitation to another social network. The email however contained adult messages, and clicking on the link would redirect users to an adult site.

LinkedIn - the Social media platform for professionals was no exception in this trend either, and many of the site's users encountered similar spam-tricks.

Habbo emerged as the second most targeted social networking site that had to go through relentless phishing attacks.

[Via: ITP]