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US Congress Asks Twitter to Block Pro-Taliban Entities, Tweets

Twitter has been asked by American congressmen to block the pro-Taliban online activists from spreading propaganda through the site, according to a new report.

Senators are asking the microblogging website to exclude all the content, boasting off insurgents inflicting causalities on the US and the NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan, as well as to ban every single individual or group behind the venomous propaganda-filled content.

The aides of Joe Lieberman - chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, are of the opinion that the appeal made to twitter is only a part of the attempts to curtail radical Islamic propagandists from spreading hatred using social media platforms.

"Senator Lieberman's efforts to eliminate violent Islamist extremism propaganda from the internet and social media has been a campaign of persuasion," Leslie Phillips, a spokesman for the senate homeland security committee stated, according to a Telegraph report.

"He has written letters, for example to Google seeking the company to enforce more strongly its terms of service, which ban the sort of thing that we see from violent Islamist extremists," he added.