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£49.99 Q-Wave Wireless USB to HDMI Extender

Q-Wave brings to you a USB to HDMI extender that lets you connect your laptop or PC to your HD TV without any cables i.e. wirelessly.

There is no limitation in terms of type of media you can stream from your computer to HDTV as this is not a media streamer or a player. Effectively, anything you can play on your desktop or laptop can be streamed through the Q-wave USB to HDMI extender.

There is no need for remote control, no user interface and you can play both protected as well as unprotected and BluRay HD video. Full Audio and Video support via HDMI connection through your TV is available.

The 3.5mm Audio port on the Dock Station would let you directly connect an audio amplifier allowing music to be streamed without the TV set being on. And, the VGA port is perfect for business environments allowing a wireless connection between the Laptop/PC and a projector.

The USB to HDMI extender would also let you stream internet content such as BBC Iplayer, Sports on demand, SkyPlayer and other internet video services.

You can even extend your desktop and use the Q-Wave to multi-task. All you have to do is plug one end of the Q-Wave into your Laptop/PC and plug the base unit into your computer or projector using the VGA or HDMI cables.

The Q-Wave Wireless USB to HDMI Extender is available from eBay for £49.99.