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Acer to Continue Making Tablets Confirms Founder

Computer and tablet maker Acer has claimed that it won't stop dishing out tablet devices despite the initial set-backs it has suffered.

The company's founder, Stan Shih, put to the rest rumours which claimed that the company was planning to shut down its tablet PC division after it failed to make an impact on the market.

According to Digitimes, the Acer founder admitted that the performance was disappointing but the company believed that it was not the time to withdraw from the tablet PC market.

He said that frustrations and set-backs were a part of the business, echoing that the company had faced similar situation when it had decided to enter the notebook market.

Shih informed that the company's board of directors have debated the company's product development strategy and streamlined the corporate organisation. The board also agreed to implement strategies that simplify organisational goals by focusing on more profitable products.

He confirmed that the company was neither shutting down its tablet business nor it was considering job cuts. Instead, it was making a few adjustments here and there and would expand more in the tablet PC market if the adjustments prove to be successful.