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Anonymous to Publish Emails Stolen during Stratfor Hack

Anonymous has claimed that it will soon publish the emails it has stolen during the attack on Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor), an Austin, Texas based security think tank.

The hackers have published a link which allegedly contained Stratfor's client list, which included corporate subscribers like the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Miami Police Department reports The Telegraph.

Anonymous, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, also claimed that they had donated money to different charities like the Red Cross, CARE and Save the Children, using the stolen credit information of Stratfor subscribers.

New York based identity theft and data loss prevention service - Identity Finder - presented a report that sheds light on the amount of details that has been leaked so far by the hackers. Identity Finder said that it would provide identity theft protection to subscribers who have been affected by the attacks. It also asked the affected subscribers to keep a track of their bank accounts and credit card usage.

Anonymous said that it had stolen a massive batch of emails from Stratfor and was in the process of formatting the data for distribution. The group said that it would release the ‘explosive' emails as 9,000 mirrored copies to prevent the government from shutting down the servers.

"Stratfor is not the 'harmless company' it tries to paint itself as. You'll see in those emails," the hactivist group said in one of its tweets.