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Apple Completely Redesigning Next iPhone, Autumn 2012 Launch Likely

iPad maker Apple will reportedly launch a redesigned iPhone device in autumn next year, it has been claimed.

Citing a ‘close source', Boy Genius Report claimed that the device will be launched in 2012, around the same time the iPhone 4S, which comes with Siri, was launched this year.

BGR also claimed that the new iPhone will come with a completely new design, with Apple using a rubber or plastic material to make the case for the new iPhone. The material will be similar to the one Apple uses in the iPhone bumper cases.

The company plans on using the material to make a bazel which will surround the front edge of the phone. This will allow Apple to easily join the glass face of the iPhone with the new aluminium back and will also cover a redesigned antenna.

Some of the earliest rumours surrounding the device suggest that the new iPhone will come with an aluminium case like the iPad 2 and will have a large screen size of around 4 inches.

However, Apple products are not new to rumours, judging by the fact that they are shrouded in mystery till their launch. Everyone was expecting the Apple will launch iPhone 5 this autumn but, were more or less shocked when the company launched the iPhone 4S.