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Argentine Government Temporarily Bans Sale of Apple and BlackBerry Products

The Argentine government has imposed a temporary ban on the saleof certain consumer electronic goods including BlackBerry smartphones and Apple's iPhone, reports Apple Insider.

According to reports, the ban has been imposed by the government to improve the country's deteriorating economy. The affected companies were instructed to set up plants within the country, though, to resume the sales of their products.

Apparently, the Argentine government believes the ban will help slow down the inflation rate and at the same time reduce the increasing gap between the pesos and U.S dollar.

The move made by the government eventually means that Apple is left with virtually no other option but to build its own plant in the country in order to carry on with the sales of its product.

Research In Motion, the BlackBerry maker is reportedly in talks with an existing plant in the country to ink a deal.

Other mobile giants such as Motorola, Samsung and Nokia have already built their own plants in the country's Tierra del Fuego free zone following the government's decision to bring the Internal Revenue Law of 2009 into life.