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CloudSwing Platform Comes to Rackspace Cloud

OpenLogic has announced it has entered into a strategic partnership Rackspace.

Under the partnership, OpenLogic's CloudSwing platform will be able to be deployed on the Rackspace cloud. The companies also announced that OpenLogic will be joining the Cloud Tools program with Rackspace.

The OpenLogic CloudSwing platform-as-a-service offers cost tracking and technology stacks customisation to enterprises. The platform offers pre-configured stacks that make deploying PaaS solutions much easier.

"We are excited to expand OpenLogic CloudSwing's momentum to the Rackspace Cloud customer ecosystem," said Kim Weins, senior vice president of marketing of OpenLogic.

"CloudSwing has more than tripled the number of users in the first 60 days. As enterprises look to build customised PaaS environments in the Rackspace Cloud, we anticipate this growth to continue," he added.

Thanks to the integration of CloudSwing with the Rackspace cloud, Rackspace customers will be able to create their own customised PaaS solution by using CloudSwing, which comes with customised stacks, as reported by Web Site Industry Review.

The partnership will also allow CloudSwing users to manage their Rackspace cloud platform from the CloudSwing dashboard. Rackspace customers will also be able to track the cost of running applications on CloudSwing from every Rackspace account they own.