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Former Microsoft Employee Says Windows Phone Better than Android

Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphone OS platform is lagging far behind Google's Android platform on all fronts - popularity and customer satisfaction being two of them.

This did not stop former Microsoft employee, Charlie Kindel, from claiming Windows Phone platform's superiority over Android, however.

According to Kindel, the WP platform is indeed better than Google's Android. The former Microsoft employee went on to explain the reasons behind the company's disappointing performance so far in the global smartphone market against Android.

Apparently, in Kindel's view, the WP platform is suffering from an "impedance mismatch with the carriers and device manufacturers while Google's approach reduces friction with carriers and device manufacturers at the expense of end users," CNET reports.

"Spending marketing dollars on advertising Android devices is an easy decision for the carriers. Pushing retail sales professionals to push Android is easy. Spending marketing dollars advertising Windows Phone 7 requires Microsoft to push hard on the carriers," added Kindel, who still seems to be loyal to his former employer.

Before parting ways with Microsoft, Kindel had served in the company for 21 years.