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Galaxy Nexus 32GB Available in EU Soon

An overwhelming proportion of the UK and other European Union nations' tech savvy population were shying away from the Galaxy Nexus - until now. The reason European customers were not purchasing the device was because it lacked an SD card slot - and because the 32 GB version of the device was not yet available.

But now, it is just a matter of time until the 32 GB version of the Galaxy Nexus will be made available in the region, according to a new and confirmed report.

Details regarding the price of the device has not yet been confirmed though, however, the 32 GB variant of this massively popular Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) powered smartphone is likely to hit the stores pretty soon, as reported by Fudzilla.

Even though the device will include an additional 16 GB of internal storage capacity, the device will still lack an external storage slot. But then, with Google Music out there to store all music collections and Netflix movies and television shows, the Galaxy Nexus, even without the external storage slot, will still bring enjoyment to those who purchase it.