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HTC Super Tool Released, Roots & Unlocks Most Devices

A new tool, targeted at Android devices based HTC devices has been dished out by the folks at XDA Developers and it allows users to root and unlock their HTC tablets and phones easily.

The user-developed unofficial hack, dubbed HTC Super Tool is currently compatible with a handful of HTC devices - HTC Sensation, Amaze, Wildfire, Desire Z or Desire HD, Evo 4g, Evo 3D and many more.

"The HTC Super Tool works much like other recent options out there (like It is a Windows program that does all the work for you when rooting and unlocking a bootloader," Android and Me notes.

The tool would allow anyone to root, unlock/relock the bootloader, do a SIM unlock as well as disable/re-enable the Sense UI. There is not elaborate set of steps required to perform the above options and within a few clicks any novice computer user will be ready to roll with an unlocked HTC handset.

"Will work for most HTC Devices not just the HTC Evo Design 4g! If it works/doesnt for your HTC device post here and I will add what devices work and don't work!" read the XDA developers post.