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Italian Watchdog Group Fines Apple $1.2 Million for Misleading Customers

An Italian anti-trust watchdog has slapped a fine of $1.2 million on Apple, accusing it of misleading customers.

According to an article on Reuters, Apple has been ordered to pay a fine of 900,000 Euros for failing to inform people they had two years of technical support for every Apple product that they purchased.

The anti-trust authority said that Apple instead only told people about the standard one year warranty plan, which led people to purchase additional technical support from Apple when they had the right to free two years of technical support.

The authority has slapped a 400,000 Euro fine on Apple Italia, Apple Sales International and Apple Retail Italia about failing to tell people about their right to two-year free technical support either on its website or retail stores.

Apple subsidiaries have also been fined 500,000 Euros for offering people the paid Applecare Protection Plan.

BBC News reported that the authority has also asked Apple to publish the extract of the ruling on its website and add information about the two-year technical support guarantee in its Applecare contract in the next 90 days.