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Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace Hits 50K Apps Milestone

It's been hardly 14 months since the launch of Windows Phone Marketplace and it has reached a new milestone in terms of number of apps available.

Windows Phone marketplace, which can also be termed as Redmond's answer to Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market, has over 50,000 apps and games on offer as of now.

The statistical fact was first revealed by a post in the All About Windows Phone blog. According to the blog post, more than one-third of the present 50,000 plus were added in the last 3 months alone, whereas near about 16 per cent made their way to the Marketplace within the last month.

In reality, however, users had access to far less number of apps compared to the 50K apps being reported by the statistics. This is because Microsoft removed somewhere around 6000 apps from the store over time bringing the total count to 42,655 apps.

Keeping in mind how Apple and Google are far ahead in the game with their App Store and Android Market, it would take Microsoft a long time and some heavy marketing before it catches up with them.