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New Scam Targeting Apple Mac and iPhone Owners

Apple fans have become the target of a new phishing scam that attempts to extract billing data with a fake email that looks to originate from the fruity firm.

While the Christmas period is often considered a time of giving, others take it upon themselves to use it to scam people out of their money. CNet says that it's aimed at new Mac and iPhone users, the email stating that the recipient's "billing information records are out of date." It then encourages the reader to click a fake link that appears to go to the Apple store to confirm the details.

If you do end up doing so, you'll be taken to a fake server which requests an Apple Id and password, with further details like credit card and billing address also requested if you go beyond that.

Of course there are basic methods that can be used to avoid scams like this: simply never clicking links within emails is perhaps the best and easiest to implement. Instead copy the given URL into the browser, or better yet, go to the company's website and navigate through it normally. While most companies would never email you out of the blue to update information, you can easily do so through your usual account page, so if it needs extra information add it through the official channels.

If you feel you've somehow ended up on a fake page, there are a couple of clues you can look for to confirm it. Checking the page title is a quick and easy one, as you'll sometimes find the region is listed incorrectly, or there might even be spelling mistakes if the scammers aren't native speakers of your language. However, the most obvious is the URL itself which will rarely be simlar to the real one, though as close as they can be, its never a complete duplicate so look carefully for extra letters or other mistakes.

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