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Noon News: HTC Super Tool, GSMA Unaffected by Recent Vulnerability Claims, Acer Not to Shutdown Tablet Division

A new tool, targeted at Android devices based HTC devices has been dished out by the folks at XDA Developers and it allows users to root and unlock their HTC tablets and phones easily. The user-developed unofficial hack, dubbed HTC Super Tool is currently compatible with a handful of HTC devices - HTC Sensation, Amaze, Wildfire, Desire Z or Desire HD, Evo 4g, Evo 3D and many more.

Following the revelation by security experts that flaws in the currently used GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) wireless technology may allow hackers to hijack mobiles phones, the GSM Industry lobby group - GSMA, has said that the recent findings do not affect its view on security of the technology.

Computer and tablet maker Acer has claimed that it won't stop dishing out tablet devices despite the initial set-backs it has suffered. The company's founder, Stan Shih, put to the rest rumours which claimed that the company was planning to shut down its tablet PC division after it failed to make an impact on the market.

Anonymous has claimed that it will soon publish the emails it has stolen during the attack on Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor), an Austin, Texas based security think tank. The hackers have published a link which allegedly contained Stratfor's client list, which included corporate subscribers like the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Miami Police Department.

‘Galaxy' maker Samsung Electronics is eying on a 15 per cent increase in its handset sales during 2012, according to a new report. Samsung is planning to take its worldwide sales figure for handsets from this year's 325 million units to 374 million units in the coming year.