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Report Sheds Light on Stratfor Anonymous Hack

Details regarding hacktivist group Anonymous' latest strike on Stratfor, a US based security think tank, have started emerging.

Anonymous hackers breached into the network of Stratfor earlier last week, and managed to steal personal credentials including email IDs, passwords, credit card numbers etc., of near about 50,000 Stratfor subscribers.

The report of the hack first surfaced on the media on the Christmas Day. Many of the victims revealed that there were unauthorised transactions from their credit cards after the incident had taken place.

Anonymous also announced on a proud note that they used the credit cards of some of the victims for making donations to charities.

According to a new revelation by Identity Finder- the New York based data loss and identity theft prevention service, the names and personal information of many of the victims have been already published on the Web. The details on the rest of victims are also likely to be published pretty soon.

"This is the latest data leak by 'breachers' who not only hack into corporations but also breach their data privacy by posting the information online," Identity Finder CEO Todd Feinman said in a statement.

"Unfortunately this problem will only get worse unless corporations minimize their data footprint and shrink their data target," he added.