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T-Mobile Vairy Touch II Smartphone Now Down To £15

High street retailer Argos has cut the price of the T-Mobile Vairy Touch II from £29.99 to £14.99, making it the cheapest touchscreen smartphone in the country by a margin, and cheaper by a fiver than from T-Mobile direct.

Note that you will need to buy a £10 top up when buying the phone and the latter comes with 30 days free internet.

Released back in February 2010, the phone comes with a 2.8-inch 240x400 pixel resistive touchscreen display plus a 2GB microSD card.

Other features include a two megapixel rear camera (though without a front facing camera or a flash), video capture and playback, a USB port, Bluetooth, an FM radio, EDGE internet and an MP3 player.

There's no 3.5mm jack or Wi-Fi and the 800mAh battery allows the phone - which is built by ZTE - to be used for nearly five hours.