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Techrights Calls for Apple Boycott

Anti-patent group Techrights has called for a boycott of Apple products with the aim to get the fruity firm to drop its legal attack against both Linux and Android.

The organisation says that "The cult of Mr. Jobs loves to pretend that it invented the smartphones, CrunchPad-like tablets, and all things shiny." This would be ok in some ways, but Apple of course has to act on these feelings, leading to attempts to not only sue organisations it sees as infringing, but to embargo as well.

The original post suggesting that Techrights boycott Apple products for the forseeable future, went on to say that this was an incredibly ballsy strategy for a company that "built itself on knockoffs."

There are several cited examples from journalists attacking the legal practices that Apple finds itself mixed up in, using them as evidence in the case that the company is no longer a true "producer" but is now a "frantic embargo company."

Midway through, author of the piece Dr. Roy Schestowitz speaks for Techrights and says that with such business practices ocurring, "we cannot help recommending that people buy nothing from Apple. Boycott the company for being a threat to the IT landscape and also to common sense."

Commenters on the site however are less certain. Some state that they use Apple products and don't believe this patent war was started by the firm. Others disagree, saying the blame lies solely at Apple's feet, with Google far less culpable. Others still point the finger at Steve Jobs, suggesting things will go a little differently without the CEO.

With no general consensus even among the site's reader base, it seems unlikely this boycott will achieve much, but it's hardly an uncommon sentiment.

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