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UK Prime Minister Gets Personalised App

UK prime minister David Cameron will soon get his own customised iPad application which will keep him up-to-do about the going ons in the country when he is on the move.

The app, being created by an in-house team of government programmers, will be made available to him sometime in March next year.

Cameron is a huge fan of the iPad and uses a lot of popular apps on his tablet, including Rovio's Angry Birds, TuneIn for Internet radio and the BBC iPlayer app to catch-up on The Killing and Desperate Housewives.

At the push of a button, the app will allow the prime minister to get recent crime statistics, the number unemployed and data related to NHS. The app will be designed to help him catch-up with news which he otherwise would have missed due to his busy schedule.

The app will also be able to provide the prime minister with real-time news from services like Google and Twitter among others.

According to an article on the Telegraph, the idea for the app came to his advisers during a trip to the United States. This new app will keep the prime minister informed about everything going in the UK and around the world.