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Windows Phone Roadmap Revealed

Microsoft's 2012 roadmap for Windows Phone has been leaked, with details of the upcoming Tango and Apollo releases.

While it's thought to be only up to date as of October 2011, WM Power User has an image of the roadmap, showing off some information for 2012 releases. Tango is set for release sometime in Q2 next year and is described as "products with best prices". This sounds like it will be focused on making handsets affordable, possibly offering some lower-end versions of the Windows Phone platform.

The second future entry in the roadmap is Apollo, cited for Q4 2012. The details include an "increase [in] overall volume" suggesting an improvement in Windows Phone uptake being a major point for this generational release. Of course some of this will have been enabled with the availability of the lower end Tango handsets.

With that end covered, it seems likely that Microsoft's plans for "competitive superphones business" will see the software giant release some very high end variants of the Windows Phone, presumably using the next generation of operating system, a mobile handset version of Windows 8.

While Microsoft hasn't had massive growth with its Windows Phone platform compared to other operating systems like Android and iOS, it is gradually gathering pace with Nokia hoping to cash in on the growing property by releasing its own supportive handsets.

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