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£329.99 LG 42LK450 42-inch Full HD 1080p Digital Freeview LCD TV

The 42LK450 LCD TV, backed by the quality promise of LG, is a Full HD TV capable of 1080p output and USB PVR allowing you to playback movies, videos and photos right from your USB based storage device - be it a pen drive or an external hard disk.

The 100,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time backed by 24 Real Cinema playback delivers incredible picture with crystal clear clarity and vibrant colours. The TV is also capable of DivX playback allowing you to connect digital cameras, MP3 players or flash drives and lets you view holiday photos, listen to music or watch DivX HD movies.

The 42-inch 42LK450 comes with Intelligent Sensor that automatically controls the brightness and colour of your TV picture based on the lighting and ambience of your room thus reducing energy consumption. The LCD is also equipped with Freeview digital tuner.

Some of the other features of the LCD are XD engine, 8 correction modes, colour temperature, surround sound through SRS Trusurround compatible with Dolby Digital, etc.

Electronic world is offering the LG 42LK450 42-inch Full HD 1080p Digital Freeview LCD TV for £329.99.