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AMNews: Argentina Bans iPhones, Apple Mulls 7.85-inch Mini iPad, Modern Warfare 3 DLC, Cameron Gets Personalised App

The Argentine government has imposed a temporary ban on the saleof certain consumer electronic goods including BlackBerry smartphones and Apple's iPhone, reports Apple Insider. According to reports, the ban has been imposed by the government to improve the country's deteriorating economy.

While everybody is waiting with anticipation for the upcoming iPad 3, expected to hit the market in around March, industry observers are proposing Apple could announce a second iPad release next year. In addition to the high end tablet which is firing up technology blogs with rumours of its vastly improved display and other impressive features, Apple may hit the market with a small tablet to appeal to entry level users.

Great news for all the Call of Duty fans - Activision has finally announced details about the the forthcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC. The arrival date for the first downloadable content will be January 24, 2012 - this means less than a month for those eagerly awaiting new content such as maps, missions and other surprises.

UK prime minister David Cameron will soon get his own customised iPad application which will keep him up-to-do about the going ons in the country when he is on the move. The app, being created by an in-house team of government programmers, will be made available to him sometime in March next year.

UK luxury store Harrods will be offering the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 smartphone, which comes with a price tag of £1,275. The device, which runs on the BlackBerry OS 7, will be available in a SIM free version from Harrods before the end of this year, T3 reports.