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Dump GoDaddy Day Begins

Despite the fact that has retracted its support for SOPA as a damage control move, the stage has been set whereby it might witness another round of domain removals through the "Dump Go Daddy Day".

GoDaddy has already lost thousands of customers, thus leaving scars on its reputation as a market leader. But, with the official "Dump Go Daddy Day" - that being today, it seems like more troubles await the company before the year-end. was initially very much in favour of the SOPA, arguing that the act could eventually prove itself as a major tool for law enforcement agencies to curb down online piracy. Apparently the decision to extend its support to SOPA was not taken on a positive note by an overwhelming majority of critics, as well as GoDaddy customers.

Protests were lodged on numerous platforms, eventually pushing the company through immense pressure. Soon the company was left with virtually no option but to publicly pull off its support for SOPA.

Experts are of the opinion that GoDaddy's sufferings could eventually make others in the industry understand how damaging it could be for them as well as if they offer/continue to offer their support to the infamous act.