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Facebook Takes On Microsoft, Skype With Windows Client

(ed : Facebook got in touch with us with the following statement. We encourage readers to learn more about the app in the Facebook Help Center here. They can also find the updated download link within the Help Center or at the link here.)

The world's biggest social networking website, Facebook, is set to launch a new Windows-based, desktop application called Facebook Messenger which will compete with Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, Skype and Microsoft Live Messenger.

Israel-based TechIT disclosed the download link for the application yesterday and Facebook itself has confirmed that the application has been in testing since November.

The most significant features include chat, ticket feed and notification, but apparently no video feature and no cross platform compatibility with Skype.

Facebook has released dedicated applications for most platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

This version is optimised for Windows 7 but does not come with pinning capabilities and doesn't require users to log in

This means that users should be able to access the social networking website even if the site is blacklisted by system administrators.

Facebook now has more than 800 million active users with each of them having on average 130 friends, and more than 400 million logging onto Facebook every day, with a significant amount coming through their mobile devices.

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