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Gameloft Sells Android Games for $0.99

Gameloft is opening its post Christmas gift bag today for all the anticipating Android fans out there.

To the joy of millions of Android users across the globe, the company is making available all its games for a paltry amount of $0.99, reports PocketGamer .

For all those planning to start off the new year by laying their hands on a new bunch of titles from the France based publisher, the offer will remain valid until January 5, 2012.

The offer has truly emerged as an unbeatable deal for the game lovers. Those titles, which were until yesterday available at $5, will cost only $0.99 cents now. And better still, the discount is valid for all titles from Gameloft, including Order & Chaos, N.O.V.A, the Oregon Trail remake and Gangster.

The discount however, will not be valid in the Android Market, or the Amazon App Store. So, fans will have to visit Gameloft's own online store to take advantage of the discount offer. And from the company's point of view, it will make sure that they won't have to share the revenues with either Google nor Amazon.

But regardless of where fans can get their hands on game titles for such a low price, there will be many happy fans out there enjoying the discount.