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Hackers Could Exploit, DDoS Train Systems Says Expert

A German security expert has warned that too much dependence on wireless technology for establishing communication between railway switches and trains could eventually allow hackers to easily infiltrate the system and execute mischievous tasks.

Prof. Stefan Katzenbeisser, the man behind this shocking claim made the revelation during his speech at the Chaos Communication Congress hosted by the Berlin. Prof. Katzenbeisser explained that all hell will break lose in case the encryption keys are compromised in the system, used for switching trains from one line to another.

He however, emphasized on the point that the trains may not end up in danger, but the situation will definitely enforce immense delays.

"Trains could not crash, but services could be disrupted for some time," the professor said during his speech, BBC reports.

The technology, on which the professor issued the advisory, is already in use in a number of countries in Europe, Africa as well as Asia.

Network Rail officials however, seem to have resorted to a denial mode as they played down the threat level. "GSM-R is a robust and secure system and Network Rail does not comment in detail on security," PJ Taylor, head of national news at Network Rail, said in an exclusive statement to the BBC.