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Hackers Strike Chinese Cyberspace, Leak Data of 6 Million CSDN Users

Last week unknown hackers invaded Chinese cyberspace and stole personal credentials belonging to millions of the country's netizens. And, to make things worse for the victims, now it seems like all the stolen information including their names, email ID, password etc. have been posted online.

According to reports, the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) was breached in the incident and its user database has been made available for public download. The database reportedly contains the emails and passwords of all its 6 million registered users.

The Chinese Software Developer Network happens to be the most popular website in the country for programmers.

"A lot of Chinese internet companies are poorly constructed, with low quality technical input. Backend websites are not up to par with mainstream standards, so actually I'm not surprised that this kind of hacking happened," Xie Wen, Former President, Yahoo China stated.

"I believe the user data of 90% of Chinese websites can be hacked by someone with very basic skills," he added.

It seems that the hunter has become the hunted with the latest hack as China has always been pin pointed by many world governments including the likes of the US, UK, Japan and India etc. as the source of an overwhelming proportion of organised cybercrimes taking place today.