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HP TouchPad Go Receives Posthumous Review

In a surprising turn of events, TouchPad Go - the officially dead TouchPad's smaller sibling from Hewlett-Packard has been reviewed by the Web OS Nation blog.

The TouchPad Go tablet was originally scheduled to hit the market in autumn of the running year. However, the project died prematurely with HP announcing earlier in the year that it was pulling the plug off the WebOS as well as the TouchPad family line.

According to the WebOS Nation team, the TouchPad Go indeed is a pretty trendy device that deserves no less than a score of 8 on the scale of 10.

In the review, WebOS Nation did not hesitate to praise the device's "smooth and sleek" design. In fact, Derek Kessler - the reviewer went on giving an impression that the TouchPad Go is a better performer than the original TouchPad.

While the original TouchPad boasts off a 10 inch touchscren display while its younger sibling has only a 7 inch screen.

"Despite going smaller, HP does not seem to have gone cheaper. The Go is still just as powerful (if not more so), and it certainly feels better than the bigger TouchPads," Kessler stated.