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McAfee Predicts High Profile Industrial Attacks in 2012

Security software provider McAfee has claimed that the coming year could witness more sophisticated and organised cyber attacks on high-profile targets all across the globe and more hacktivist groups are likely to emerge in 2012.

McAfee claimed that there will be an increase in threat from spam attacks targeting digital wallets and virtual currencies. The possibilities of many world governments engaging one-another in cyber wars can't be ruled out, McAfee stated.

The McAfee 2012 Threat Prediction report also highlighted on the point that industries and corporates are likely to be on the priority lists of hackers throughout the world.

Most of the organised hack attacks carried out during the current running year were primarily targeted at global corporations as well as government offices and financial hubs. And, if we are to believe McAfee's report, the trend will not only sustain, but will significantly rise.

"Over the past year, the general public has become more aware of some of these risks, such as threats to critical infrastructure or the impact of hacktivism as they gain international media attention," read the 2012 Threat Prediction report, ZDNet reports.

"In the meantime we continue to see cybercriminals improving their toolkits and malware and are ready to make a significant impact in 2012," it added.