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Microsoft Fixes SMS Flaw in Windows Phone Market

Microsoft Corp. has fixed an SMS flaw that was plaguing the Windows Phone market for sometime now.

The revelation was made by Khaled Salameh, the man behind the discovery of the flaw. Salameh, after finding the glitch, reported it immediately to the company.

Apparently, Salameh found a certain string of text on SMS, Facebook Chats and even in Windows Live messages that could cause a Windows Phone 7.5 device to automatically shut down.

Worse even, upon restarting the device, it would be almost impossible to access the message hub.

Microsoft acknowledged the issue and promised a solution was soon on its way.

Now the company has contacted Salameh and informed him that a fix for the issue had already been found and is now undergoing testing. The company plans to offer the fix to customers as soon as the tests are successfully accomplished.

"Fortunately, Salameh did not make the contents of the silver bullet message public, so it is unlikely that many users will be affected by the issue before Microsoft is able to deliver the patch," Dan Seifert of MobileBurn wrote on his report.