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Noon News: US-CERT Warns of Vulnerability in WPS, McAfee Security Prediction 2012, Google Gets Most Visits in 2011

The current Wi-Fi Protected Setup standard suffers from a major vulnerability that could eventually affect the security of hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi access points and routers, according to an advisory issued by the US-CERT. The WiFi Protected Setup standard is primarily aimed at limiting the number of attempts that mischievous elements could make using a brute force attack hacking technique.

Last week unknown hackers invaded Chinese cyberspace and stole personal credentials belonging to millions of the country's netizens. And, to make things worse for the victims, now it seems like all the stolen information including their names, email ID, password etc. have been posted online.

Security software provider McAfee has claimed that the coming year could witness more sophisticated and organised cyber attacks on high-profile targets all across the globe and more hacktivist groups are likely to emerge in 2012. McAfee claimed that there will be an increase in threat from spam attacks targeting digital wallets and virtual currencies.

Asia Pacific Telecom will be taking the help of Alcatel Lucent to expand its 3G service to cater to growing demand for data, according to a press release. In the second half of 2012, APT is planning on extending its existing fixed and mobile Internet services, including its new range of multimedia applications to business and residential customers in Taiwan.

Facebook was outdone by the Mountain View based tech giant Google in the race to nail the top spot in this year's No. 1 Web brand, according to Nielsen's annual report. Google, according to the report, secured the top spot with around 153.4 million unique visitors on average per month.