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Orange UK Expects Text and Call Records to be Broken

UK mobile operator Orange claims that this New Years Eve will see call, text and data records all broken with some 78 million calls made between loved ones over a few hours.

Text and calls have been growing year on year for a long time now, but data usage is seeing the biggest jump. The New Years Eve celebrations will see a 25 per cent increase in data usage over last year's celebrations. Some of this is picture messaging and video calling, though the largest increase comes from social networking use: mostly Facebook and Twitter posting and image uploads.

"This New Year is set to be another record breaker for Orange customers, as they use their mobiles to welcome in the New Year," said an Orange spokesperson. "This year we expect customers to celebrate with an increase in texts, pictures, calls and even data usage, while they send emails or tweet about their festivities."

Pocket Lint leaves a little recommendation to send your well wishes before the 12th hour ticks by, as getting through to those you care about at that time can be a little difficult. Of course with Facebook and other social networks staying online - though there will undoubtedly be a little slowdown - it seems likely that they will continue to grow as the more dominant communication form around times like these.

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