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PS Vita Sales Dwindle in Second Week

After making an impressive debut by selling 312,407 units in Japan over just two days, the sales of Sony's latest offering in the handheld gaming console - PlayStation Vita seems to be slowing down.

According to a new figures revealed by Media Create, the sales of the PS Vita has undergone a sharp downfall in its second week in the Japanese market reports Venture Beat.

The Christmas week saw weak sales of 72,479 units in the country. In comparison, other devices such as the Vita's older sibling PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the rival Nintendo's 3DS managed to register an impressive performance in terms of sales during the week.

The week before Christmas, PS Vita sold 324,859 units, meaning sales have dropped at an astonishingly fast pace - by near about 78 percent over a period 1 week.

Worse even (for Sony), the rival Nintendo 3DS continues to carry on with its success in the market with more than 4 million units already sold since its debut.

According to many analysts, the gradually declining sales of the PS Vita could be primarily driven by the device's high price. While the Wi-Fi model costs somewhere around 24,980 Yen ($320), the 3G/Wi-Fi model has been made available by Sony at 29,980 Yen ($385).