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Samsung GT B2710 Solid Immerse review

Why should sedentary city folk have all the fun? Samsung has outdoor types firmly in its sites for the Solid Immerse, a handset with tough phone credentials - though there's nothing smart about this Android-less offering.

The Solid Immerse has several aspects to its protective design. First comes a dust and water protector that shields its innards from dirt and splashes; Samsung promises that nothing can get inside the shell, and that the handset can even be immersed in meter under water for up to half an hour with no ill effects. As well as being protected from the elements - it's even IP67-certified and built to US Military Standard - the Solid Immerse's screen is also something special.


For its outdoor and if audience, the Solid Immerse is right on the money. With a reasonably low spec backing up those tough phone features, this is best categorised as an occasional phone for using while hiking, boating, farming or fishing, though we do wish it had Wi-Fi and a much better camera - the latter, especially, would mean carrying less gadgets while gallivanting.

Our rating: 4/5

Best point: Scratch-resistant, can be dropped and submerged, LED torch, FM radio, relatively heavy

Worst point: Battery life, tiny screen, no Wi-Fi, 2MP camera, can't upgrade headphones

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