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Some PlayStation Vita Games to Have Online Pass

Some PSP Vita games will come with an online pass as developers and game publishers look to profit from the used games market.

According to Gamepur, Hot Shots Golf is one of the first PS Vita games which will come with an online pass. Users will get a code to be used online when they purchase the game but people would have to buy an online pass code when they purchase a used version of the game.

In this case, to purchase the online pass for the game from the PlayStation Store, users would be required to pay an additional 900 Yen or $15.

It was also revealed that people who purchase and download the game via PlayStation Network would have to pay an additional amount in order to play the game online.

The PS Vita console has only been launched in Japan, with Sony planning to bring the console to the United States market early next year. The console has not performed well in the market in terms of sale, with Sony being forced to release multiple patches to cure some of the issues affecting the console, including instability and freezes.