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Wii U Could Land in the Second Half of 2012

A new forecast for the Wii U has it showing up sometime in the second half of 2012, disappointing those who were hoping for an April-May release date.

While the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and E3 are expected to give us a good look at the next generation Nintendo console, rumours on the potential release date have been swinging back and forth throughout the year. However, now the window of possibility is closing in and it's down to the last six months of the year.

Game Bandits said that it could be unveiled soon after E3 2012, but Nintendo might look to cash in on Christmas period sales. The latest hardware release - the 3DS - hit the shelves at the start of 2011 and when this was combined with other factors - like a poor starting lineup of games - it led to poor initial sales.

The Japanese gaming company made a big gamble when releasing the original Wii with its new type of controller and lackluster internal hardware compared to the other console manufacturers. It looks set to do a similar thing with the Wii U, so the release date is important. With its bolstered graphical power and the expensive, touch screen controller that has been seen in preview imagery, Nintendo looks set to go in another new direction.

However, all of this is still contention as of now. When CES starts in a couple of weeks time, official details are likely to be released so the rumour mill will keep spinning until it does.

Whatever happens though, it's certainly exciting.

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