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WindowBreak Develops Jailbreak of Windows Phone

WindowsBreak has come up with a brand new, almost full-scale jailbreak for Windows Phone loyalists, reports Geek.

Better still, developer @jaxbot successfully exploited the hack to work on the 1st and 2nd generation WP powered Samsung devices.

The developer is now appealing to his hacker buddies to contribute their ideas by making the jailbreak work on devices from other vendors too.

Its been over a year now since the first Windows Phone jailbreak was accomplished by the ChevronWP7 crew. However, they pulled it off after being requested by Microsoft to do so.

And now, almost one and a half years later, the same team has joined forces with the Redmond based software giant to roll out a new jailbreak. However, this new offering won't be a full scale jailbreak.

Instead, it will be just one of those jailbreaks, designed to enable fans and small time developers to try out Windows Phone 7 apps without having to access MarketPlace or pay for a full account.

However, the WindowsBreak jailbreak is fairly different from the iOS jailbreak as it only allows users to sideload applications so they can extend their roots deeper in the WP registry.