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Windows Phone 7 for Budget Conscious; Only £149.99

This is great news for all those planning to purchase a brand new Windows Phone 7 mobile, but who want to stay within their budget.

Jil Sander has joined forces with LG in order to release a budget Windows Phone 7 device.

Dubbed JIL SANDER Mobile LG-E906, the new device will cost Windows Phone enthusiasts only £149.99.

Powered by the Windows Phone 7 Mango platform, the new device includes a decent 5 megapixel camera with high definition video recording capacity at 720p and 24 frames per second. The camera, as stated by the manufacturer, is capable of performing in sync with the panorama shot app in Mango.

Equipped with a powerful 1 GHz processor, the device comes integrated with a whole bunch of Web and social media apps such as Internet Explorer 9, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, as reportedby Expansys.

Experts are of the opinion that due to its extremely stylish and sleek design, the product is indeed capable of enjoying its journey in the over-crowded smartphone market on a pretty high note.

The device also brings users a special Jil Sander app which they can exploit to browse catalogues, find the nearest brick and mortar outlets and shop online.