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£28.99 Polaroid PoGo Digital Instant Mobile Photo Printer

The Polaroid PoGo Digital Instant Printer is an amazing little gadget that lets you print photos snapped through your smartphones, digital camera in just about 30 seconds and that too without the need for any traditional printers.

All you have to do is once you have snapped the pictures through your mobiles or camera transfer them to the PoGo through Bluetooth or USB. In about 30 seconds you will get 2" x 3" borderless prints without the need to use any ink. Prints without ink are possible because of a special paper that is used in the printer. Intelligent crystals within the paper are heat sensitive and one swipe of special heat sensor transforms these crystals into an image.

The printer uses Li-ion rechargeable battery for operations and with a full charge it can deliver up to 20 prints. The prints are dry to touch & waterproof as soon as they come out.

The PoGo printer is completely mobile and there is no need for any ink whatsoever. The package includes Li-ion Battery, recharger, 9V mains adaptor, one pack of paper and the PoGo printer.

The Polaroid PoGo Digital Instant Printer is available from eBay for £28.99.