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Android App 'Airtight' Brings Apple AirPlay to Google TV

Google TV users will now be able to stream content stored on their iOS devices to their television sets thanks to a new app.

Airtight, which is available from the Android Market for $0.99, is designed for Google TV set-top boxes running on Android 3.0 or higher. The app has been designed to use the AirPlay feature which comes built in with iOS devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, to stream videos and photos.

The functionality of the app is limited at the moment with users not being able to mirror the entire iOS device nor are they able to stream media content protected by DRM. However, the makers of the app are expected to make these features available and add more in the times to come.

Apple users have been able to stream all their content on an iOS to the TV using AirPlay for a while and looks like Android users might be able to do the same. The app might also give users reason to purchase Google TV in the first place, as it has not been able to make an impact on the market.

Knowing Google, the company is most likely to revamp the platform as best as it can to make a comeback before Apple and Microsoft gain dominance over the living room.