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Anonymous Hacks Online Military Gear Supplier

Anonymous seems to be on a rampage, with the hacker group breaking into an online store which sells military gear.

According to c|net, Anonymous affiliate LulzSec said in a post on the PasteBin website said that it had hacked the website months ago and now it had got the time to post the stolen data, which includes emails, passwords and credit card information.

"Continuing the week long celebration of wreaking utter havoc on global financial systems, militaries, and governments, we are announcing our next target: the online piggie supply store," the hacker group said.

When c|net contacted, the website's management confirmed that the hack had taken place back in August but, most of the information stolen by the hacker group was old. said that most of the passwords stolen by the hackers were old ones. Special Forces Gear founder Dave Thomas informed that the website had been completely revamped after the security breach and the new website did not store user passwords and credit card information.

"Most of the credit card numbers are expired, and we don't have evidence of any credit card misuse at this time," Thomas said.