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Apple Television Sets may Use iPhone 5, iPad 3 Chips

Apple's plans to develop the long rumoured Apple TV are apparently progressing well. DigiTimes, the Taiwanese website with sources from Apple's supply chain, published a fresh report revealing that Apple is looking for manufacturers for custom chipsets for its upcoming 'iTV' sets.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Siliconware Precision Industries are expected to send their offerings to Apple's Cupertino headquarters. The three companies are working on building ARM based chips for Apple TV, similar to how the A4 CPU from the original iPad is used in the current Apple TV set-top box.

TSMC is already thought to have a deal to manufacture A6 and A7 chips for Apple's next generation iPad and iPhone models, which could also be utilised in the Apple TV sets according to Apple Insider.

In addition, DigiTimes reports that the supply chain might include long time partner and legal foe Samsung Electronics for the manufacture of chips and displays to be integrated in Apple TV, while Sharp is also in the frame for some action.

Foxconn Electronics is the most likely manufacturer to handle the assembly orders, as the company has a long standing partnership with Apple, and it is not expected to be overlooked by decision makers.

The Taiwanese website also points towards the production schedule: "Apple is expected to finalize hardware standards of its TV at the end of second-quarter 2012, and will place orders for the customized chips and other components directly with its contract manufacturers."

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