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Business Expert Offers Apple an Alternative to Patent Infringement Lawsuits

According to Kevin Rivette, managing partner at 3LP Advisors LLC, if Apple drops all its lawsuits against Android manufacturers and instead negotiates for licensing fees for their various patented technology, the company could make $10 for every Android device sold in the world, reports Bloomberg.

This amount is supposedly twice the amount Microsoft is believed to have been making from the sale of Android devices, which is $5 per unit.

Rivette, further stated that, "A scorched-earth strategy is bad news because it doesn't optimise the value of their patents -- because people will get around them."

Rivette also added, "It's like a dam. Using their patents to keep rivals out is like putting rocks in a stream. The stream is going to find a way around. Wouldn't it be better to direct where the water goes?"

Apple and Android device manufacturers are engaged in a global war over various patent related issues. Lawsuits against Samsung and HTC are the highly focused ones and are hurting business operations. How Apple will use this information is yet to be seen, but for now, the lawsuits are likely to move ahead as planned.