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Chinese Government Takes Steps to Prevent Cyber Crime

The Chinese government is taking measures to crack down on cyber criminals inside the country to prevent theft of online banking details.

As a part of the measures taken by the government, the government is ensuring that legitimate websites of banks within the country appear near the top of search results.

The move has been taken by the government following the hack attack that resulted in the theft of sensitive personal credentials of over 45 millions online banking customers in a string of separate attacks.

The government is currently conducting an inquiry about the online thefts and stated that such incidents were indeed threatening "Internet safety."

The top 10 search engines in China were also persuaded to promote a new anti-phishing visionary.

Some search engines even promised to place a special icon next to the legitimate website of a bank to ensure customers are not confused.

"The department believes the recent leak of user information is a serious infringement of the rights of Internet users and threatens Internet safety," the government said in a statement, according to a BBC report.