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EU Internet Roaming Caps Considered Too High

Several members of the European Parliament have warned that new Internet roaming caps to be implemented by the European Commission are too high.

According to an article on The Guardian, the EC plans to introduce new price caps in the hopes of reducing the maximum amount mobile phone companies can charge to users using mobile Internet on roaming.

The current roaming charges have already provided massive bill shocks to customers, some of them being slapped with a bill which asks them to pay £3,000 for one gigabyte of data. The new roaming caps the EC plans to implement will limit Internet roaming charges to £420 for 1GB of data.

Some MEPs claim the new price, which would hold good for the next 10 years, is still to high, however.

"The commission's proposals were somewhat generous to the industry. I don't think any of the companies involved are going to go bust, they may cry wolf but they are not going to have the wolf at their door. The single market is about free movement of goods, free movement of people. We should be aiming to have no roaming charge at all," said Irish Member of European Parliament Sean Kelly.