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Facebook Being Accessed by 300m Users Through Apps Says Study

A study by Benedict Evans has revealed that more than a third of the total active Facebook users are using the social network's mobile apps every month.

The report also says that, the number of monthly active Facebook mobile apps users have crossed 300 million in the past few days. And, at present according to Facebook records the popular social networking website has 800 million active users, reported Facebook statistics.

According to Evans' figure, for daily usage, users of app on Android powered handsets are definitely ahead of iPod and iPhone users in terms of mobile app usage. However, on monthly basis iPod Touch and iPhone apps usage is higher than that of Android.

Facebook is slowly moving iOS and Android apps towards one platform and would serve as wrappers for a common HTML5 experience states Evans.

Records show that the social networking giant has been working really hard to reconstruct its mobile website in partnership with worldwide operators so as to offer free access to various Facebook services. In fact, with introduction of various new apps it has become one of the most feature rich social networking website.