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Koobface Gang Resurfaces, Redirecting Web Traffic for Pay-per-Click Profits

The Koobface botnet has started monitoring as well as driving Internet traffic via various affiliated websites in order to increase its clickthrough revenues and according to Trend Micro it is an effort to reinvent itself by taking advantage of pay-per-click advertising.

Recently, Trend Micro researchers stated that the developers of Koobface have been updating its botnet framework with a better and more "sophisticated" traffic-direction system (TDS) with the capability of handling traffic referred to websites that are affiliated to it.

Jonell Baltazar, senior threat researcher at Trend Micro, stated in a blog post that the update also has components that help in increasing the total number of internet traffic "which translates to even bigger profit."

The Koobface group has reportedly earned above $2 million (£1.3m) during the period between June 2009 to June 2010 via pay-per-click as well as pay-per-install affiliated programmes that pushes various fake antivirus software on the unsuspected users, reports TechWeek Europe.

First spotted in December 2008, the Koobface group was visible on MySpace, twitter and on Facebook from time to time. According to Trend Micro, the TDS might also be offered with other websites as a service.